A&W's a young bussines men who is rarely seen in the fridge since he's always busy with work, he's quite the smooth talker when it comes to not so personal conversation, but get's easily flustered or uncomfortable when things get too personal.

lol jk he's a big dork who can't even talk to his crush

Story (under construction)Edit

He lived under the care of Dr.Pepper from his early years until his late teens. They were a loud family with 5 members, he cares for them all with all his heart.

After he moved out of the Dr.Pepper household, he started working on his company, making and managing the A&W restaurants and also the the "A&W rootbeer".

Most of his time is spend working in the company, and trying to avoid social gatherings.

In one of the few social gathering that he actually attended, he met Pepsi and they fell in love.

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