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OVERTIME Beveragefolk-1


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The beverage folk started out with the Onceler fandom after one person decided to make a personification of a beverage drink (Pepsi) from one of the famous Oncele

rs. After that other drinks came to being until there were serveral personified carbonated drinks. Then other drinks (not carbonated) came into being such as energy drinks and juices


All the drinks are chemically engineered experiments, made for selfish marketing purposes. This fact is unknown to everyone, even themselves, except for the managers that adopted/made/found them. Memories of them coming to be were erased and replaced with the knowledge and history of the drink they represent. They are basically beings of advanced artificial intelligence (Or some could be “reconstructed” humans made for these experiments, or humans that were tricked into undergoing these experiments, etc, depending on what direction the mod wants to go). This can explain why they haven't died from all the sugar, syrup etc.They eat/drink to make themselves feel better. Those ingredients on the nutrition facts on the can are their literal ingredients, with something extra to make them appear human. Everyone can have their back-stories, of course, but think of this as the base and canon plot line.

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