A snarky and sarcastic assbutt. He cares more about his DS than anything else.


Blue has a dark past which he doesn't care to talk about. He moved from England to live in the Fridge and joined a gang called the RoyalBlueFlame (RBF) where he meets the energy drinks Street King and Burn. He soon proved that his genius brain could aid the gang and became the smarts of the trio. The three became attached to each other quickly, all three looking for a family. Soon enough King gets killed in a gang fight while the other two are sleeping and RBF falls apart. Burn goes to live with Canada Dry and Blue goes back to England to confront his past. Blue returned to the Fridge and continues his role of being the 'fanboy' of the Fridge. 


Kuma is a teddy bear who was bought by King to be a present for Blue. He was soon brought to life by a magic anon and lives as Blue's protector and possible love interest? 

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