Sierra Mist is Lemon-Lime soft drink made by the PepsiCo branch. The soda is related, but not close, to 7up and Sprite. It was introduced in 1999, but did not become world reknown until 2003.

Sierra and Mist are mildy based off of their product. Sierra, represents the lime, whilst her brother, Mist, represents the lemon. As shown as the little clips in their hair. Though, their colors are switched. Sierra has yellowed irisises, but the yellow only appears in certain lights, just like Mist. He has green irisises, but it will only show at the right angle and the right light. Mist has the down of things, his ahoge is upside, and barely goes up. Sierra's ahoge is more alive, and more sensitive. 


Sierra is more of the bubbley type. Though she may not seem like it when you first meet her. She is very shy, and with that shyness comes quietness. She will only show the most of her personality around those she is more comfortable with, e.i. Mist, Pepper, MD, Pepsi, and Coke. She treasures all friendships, and will become distraught if something ever where to happen to any of them. Sierra is also very guilible at times. Ask her if she can touch her elbows behind her back, she will do it no questions asked from her.Nothing to do with her personality, but her lime talks to her. Though it says nothing shorter than harsh words like, "you're an idiot." or "Baka." It has quite the range when it comes to languages. Like japanese, and italian. Maybe even spanish.

Mist is a sarcastic little prick. the end.

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