The shota to end all shotas, Strawberry Ramune is a very young-looking boy. He is shy and timid, but very sweet and bubbly once he opens up. He is often mistaken for a girl because of his name and appearance.


Strawberry Ramune has pale pink, shoulder-length hair with white highlights. He has very youthful features, and is either mistaken for being a child or a girl. Moreso a girl, since he sometimes wears skirts or dresses (how moe).

Personality and relationshipsEdit

He's a very sweet boy, but only after he opens up to someone. When around strangers, he often acts very timidly and shy. This is not to say that he doesn't get angry, however, since he does. However, it's very rare that he does, as he doesn't get angry easily.

At the current moment, he is not associated with anyone.

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